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We hope you are enjoying our site, and learning more about us, and our minimalism journey. Thank you!

Our Philosophy

Life should be about living …… really living, not just existing.

Our Story

After many years of marriage and a growing family, we came to the realization that we were drowning in ‘stuff’. That ‘stuff’ was not just the possessions we had accumulated over the years, but the responsibilities and burdens we had taken on, the financial pressures we were under, and above all the lack of time that lead us to feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

We needed to ‘minimalise’ our lives, and take back the control we had lost. The journey to reduce the clutter in your life is long and hard. We are still on that journey, it is not one that happens overnight, but we are making progress. I hope that learning about us and our journey will inspire you to make changes in your life too.


About us and our journey.
About us and our journey.

Next Steps…

Minimalism isn’t just for trendy young singles. Often the biggest impact of a minimalist life is on families. You may have lived a tidy, compact life – then suddenly kids come along and with them a ton of ‘must have’ items – toys, clothes, feeding paraphernalia, car seats, bassinets, cots and the list goes on. Suddenly you are drowning in ‘stuff’.

One of the myths surrounding minimalism is that this lifestyle is not possible with kids. This is not true. There are many families who are living the minimalist life with families. Not all are the same, but it depends on your lifestyle and philosophies. These families do find though that kids easily embrace the minimalist lifestyle given time. Even toys are able to be minimalised and can lead to happier children.

Learn about us, and with us

Learn with us, minimalism is not something you just ‘do’ – it’s a process and it takes time. The amount of time depends on the individual, and is often ongoing. We are still on the journey, and it was important to me that we talked about us and our journey. Every journey will be different, but we hope you will be inspired and begin to take the first step to explore minimalism in your life.

Please enjoy the site, we would love you to join us on this exciting journey. We welcome your comments on our Contact page.

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